Cusco, Peru

Serving with Jesus in Peru


-the need-

Little Access to the Gospel


Peru is filled with isolated villages with little or no access to the gospel, and there are churches throughout these regions where there is much need for equipping the saints and theological training for the pastors and future leaders.

-our calling-

To Equip the Saints


Many of the people who need biblical training live in the outskirts of the Andes mountains. They minister in areas where there is very little gospel witness and access to theological resources. By providing easy access to training our goal is to equip these men and women to go out and train other local leaders and churches so that the Gospel can reach other regions.

-The challenge-

Raise Support


Moving to another country can be costly and in order do this work it will take financial support. Please consider partnering with us financially so that we can be fully devoted to the ministering to the church and the unreached in Peru. 

-how you can help-

Partner with Us


Goal: $17,445.10

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